Your secure gateway to buying, selling, and storing digital assets on CoreDAO Network

CoreKeeper is the first non-custodial crypto wallet on CoreDAO network. Safeguard your digital assets with unparalleled security and autonomy. Seamlessly manage your funds, participate in decentralized governance, and unlock the full potential of the CoreDAO ecosystem. Experience true ownership and control like never before.

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  • Step 1

    Phase 1

    Foundation Establishment

    1. Develop CoreKeeper wallet interface and backend infrastructure.
    2. Conduct security audits to ensure user fund safety.
    3. Establish partnerships with CoreDAO ecosystem players.

  • Step 2

    Phase 2

    User Experience Enhancement

    1. Gather user feedback to improve interface and usability.
    2. Add features like multi-currency support and customizable settings.
    3. Enhance user education resources for cryptocurrency security.

  • Step 3

    Phase 3

    Expansion and Integration

    1. Explore cross-platform compatibility.
    2. Integrate with CoreDAO DeFi protocols and DApps.
    3. Collaborate with developers for plugins and extensions.

  • Step 4

    Phase 4

    Community Engagement and Growth

    1. Foster an active community through social media and events.
    2. Launch educational initiatives for new users and adoption.
    3. Encourage community-driven development with hackathons.

  • Step 4

    Phase 5

    Continued Innovation and Security

    1. Stay updated with blockchain and cryptocurrency advancements.
    2. Regularly update CoreKeeper with new features and improvements.
    3. Collaborate with security firms for periodic audits and integrity

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What Is CoreKeeper

Introducing COREKEEPER (COKE), a pioneering project founded by seasoned professionals dedicated to empowering Diamond Holders. Our mission is to champion responsible crypto investing, cultivate a supportive community, and provide peace of mind. If you're weary of the typical hype and market fluctuations, join COREKEEPER (COKE) and discover a reliable path to financial freedom. Be part of our journey to the moon and beyond!

  • Why CoreKeeper

    As the first non-custodial crypto wallet on the CoreDAO network, COREKEEPER is poised to revolutionize the landscape with innovative solutions and unwavering security. Our goal is to become the premier community-driven project on CoreDAO, prioritizing collaboration, stability, and user-centricity.

  • Buy and sell CORE, COKE and other cryptocurrencies on CoreDAO blockchain with CoreKeeper

    Experience a variety of trading on COREKEEPER. You can use various types of coin transactions such as Trade, Staking, and margin.


We are decentralized Wallet

With CoreKeeper, you can be sure your trading skills are matched

  • Buy, Sell, And Trade On The Go

    Manage Your Holdings From Your Mobile Decive

  • Take Control Of Your Wealth

    Rest Assured You (And Only You) Have Access To Your Funds

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